Web Development

We provide a wide range of web development services from small presentation websites to full-featured e-commerce applications and more. Whether big or small your web development needs will be treated with the same level of professionalism and dedication. Our main focus when developing web applications is performance; we have experience in working with databases comprising over 20 million records and exceeding 10GB of data.

The most representative applications we developed are:

- fully featured e-commerce websites
- project management systems
- fully featured video jobs portals
- package management systems for courier companies
- mortgage application management systems
- real estate directories
- contractors directories
- travel price comparison platforms
- webhosting clients management systems
- survey management and deployment systems integrated with mobile devices
- complete convention management systems

Audit / Troubleshooting

Is your website performing badly? Do you have errors all over your pages? Are your users angry with the website being slow? Has your database been compromised? Then it's time to let us have a look at you website.

Security Audit
Having your internal database of customers available all over the internet isn't a bad thing, it's the definition of bad when it comes to websites. You will not only lose new and existing customers, but you'll also be liable to pay fees or fines for possible loss of data. Even if your website is brand new, "out of the box", it may still contain security holes that coders might have overlooked; a security audit will find any security holes your website has and provide the means to fix them.

Performance Audit
Sometimes websites just aren't optimized for the amount of traffic or data they're handling, this is when they start to go slow and throw “timeout” or "maximum connections reached" errors at your users, which is never good. You can always call for a performance audit from us; we will identify areas that slow down your website and offer solutions.

By studying you website’s sources, database and server, we can identify areas that are causing its unwanted behavior, and propose (and implement) solutions


In order to help you with the configuration and maintenance of your server, we provide a variety of server administration services, from setting up individual software components and providing consultations to the entire administration cycle of your server(s). Here is a brief list of server administration tasks we can help you with:

- consultation on software and hardware configuration
- initial linux server setup
- services installation and configuration (Apache, PHP, MySQL, bind, etc)

- 24/7 server monitoring
- server updates & patches applied
- server backup setup / restoration
- server administration consultation
- server migrations & server transfers

- firewall and intrusion detection installation and configuration
- continuous server log monitoring
- security audit and secure server configuration
- hacked server analysis & recovery
- re-secured post intrusion

- hardware recommendations
- tuning and optimization of high-loaded servers
- Apache, PHP, MySQL optimization

About Us

Originalware is an IT company based in Ramnicu Valcea, Romania. We provide a wide range of IT services, but our main services are web development and server administration. As our motto says, we like to keep things simple, because nowadays simple means a lot more than before, "simple" means:

- fast
- low running costs
- easy to use / easy to understand
- environmentally-friendly

However, keeping things simple doesn't mean that we can't tackle big tasks, it merely means we believe that the simplest solutions are always the best and we struggle to offer only the best to our customers.
Using that new hot framework or plain PHP code, no task is too big or too small: if you can think it, we can code it!

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